C-130 Hercules


Name: "Herky-Bird" C-130
Scale: 1:12
Wingspan: 132.84"
Length: 97.75"
Weight: 22Lbs
Drawing Sheets: 5 drawings 36" x 72"
Plans Price: $98.00

Kit Price: $560.00


Our all time popular seller, the "Herky-Bird" C-130 is now available in an all new design at a 1:1/2 scale, with a wingspan of 132.84".. It flies on 4 MVVS .49 rear exhaust 2 cycle engines, with a wing area of 1745 sq. inches, a length of 97.75", & a target weight just over 22 lbs. The wing loading is 29.18 oz. per sq. ft. R.C. operation is 7 channels, 13 servos, full house including retracts, loading doors, & fowler flaps. Construction is conventional of balsa & lit ply, with balsa sheeting. Fiberglass nacelles are available direct from a specialty supplier. All of our C-130 designs are based on unmodified original drawings & info provided by Lockheed. The 5 drawings 36" x 72", come with a Manual of Instructions.

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